Sketch Artist Creates Amazing Sketches with Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils are underrated in the art world. They can be used to achieve detail and precision that a regular pencil cannot. The lead size ranges from 0.3mm to larger sizes. Also, it can be used to draw fine lines. Mechanical pencils are also ideal for adding detail to creative projects. This is one bonus for artists who like their drawing to have the same width all through. It makes it a lot neater.

These pencils also use refillable lead, and this saves the artist a lot of time used in sharpening or throwing out their shavings. The pencil does not run out, so there is no need to buy wooden pencils.

This sketch artist has used these pencils to create amazing sketches. He also provides the diameter of each drawing to help anyone else who would love to learn his craft. Below are some of his works.