Add Some Quirkiness to Your Life with These Greeting Cards

With a brand name like Art + Soul Creative Co. you know that illustrator Laura Kwok is all about those good, creative vibes. Based in Vancouver, Canada, her illustrations center around themes like nature, wildlife, and travel; with her products consisting of a growing collection of quirky greeting cards and whimsical art prints.

“Many of my greeting cards feature punny phrases that I think of myself,” she shared in an interview with Lake. “The name of my company is no different. ‘Art + Soul’ is a play on words of ‘heart and soul’. I put everything into my art and I wanted my company name to reflect that.”

“I think I’m influenced the most when I go on vacation and travel to places of natural beauty,” she observed. “Most recently, one of my best friends and I explored Iceland and all the mountains, waterfalls, and glaciers that the country had to offer. It was all so wildly beautiful, and memorable adventures like those really inspire me to create when I come back home.”

Aside from her commercial work and greeting cards line, Kwok is also passionate about pursuing her own large-scale art pieces and mural projects, all of which she shared on her Instagram page. “It’s definitely been a crazy roundabout journey for me but all my life experiences have been valuable and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she says.