Aesthetically Pleasing Chocolate Bars from Japan

Do you like your sweets to be both tasty and aesthetically pleasing? Well, the products from Japanese chocolate maker Little Motherhouse certainly check these boxes. The company is known for its color-shifting chocolate bars that come in equally pleasing packages.

The manufacturing process starts with white chocolate made from cocoa beans that are harvested in Indonesia. The chocolate is then infused with fruits, teas, and other edible substances that give the bars their distinctive color.

Little Motherhouse sweets usually contain multiple flavors that may seem opposing in nature but actually go well with each other. This includes variations like raspberry and mocha, blueberry and ginger, and a combination of citrus fruit Yuzu with black pepper.

As delicious as chocolate is, it can come in a multitude of different shapes, tastes, and sizes. Clearly, Little Motherhouse understands the power of quality, and the ability they have to inspire their customers with their product, because that’s exactly what they’re doing every single day.

In addition to the taste itself, it’s their presentation that sets this company apart, and this is a large part of their identity as well.

Currently, the company produces twelve types of colorful chocolate bars. Check out some of them below.