These Stunning Sculptures Are Made Out of Black LEGOs

Ekow Nimako is a talented artist from Toronto who builds elaborate and impressive sculptures using only black LEGO bricks. His works include lifelike figures, dystopian worlds, and futuristic landscapes.

Nimako has been getting crafty with LEGOs since childhood, so exploring the artistic side of the plastic bricks came naturally to him. After getting a formal art education and gaining experience in multidisciplinary art, Nimako developed a unique style that is now recognizable worldwide.

“My art practice developed when I was four years old, as I constantly told myself I want to do this (play with LEGO) forever,” said the artist in a recent interview.

While Nimako used colorful LEGO bricks at the beginning, he has been working solely with black LEGOs in recent years. According to him, this way, he can “mute” the toy aspect of the LEGO and present it as an art medium.

Nimako’s sculptures can be made out of hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks and can take anywhere from 50 hours to 1000 hours to make.

Aside from being a recognized artist, Nimako is also an accomplished author. In 2017, he published the book “Beasts from Bricks”, which serves as a guide for building animals using Legos.

Check out more of Nimako’s works below.