Alja Horvat Illustrates Women Going About Their Daily Lives

Working and studying in Slovenia, Alja Horvat has started drawing from an early age. And her bold and playful illustrations, that focus primarily on women going about their daily lives, are hard to miss.

“I think the vibrant, colorful palette stems from me,” she told Māgoa Magazine. “I’m really energetic and lively, and that’s exactly how I feel when I look at these shapes, figures, and colors. They are all full of life!”

“The backgrounds of my designs connect with the main subject portrayed, explaining their story and feelings. The figures are just like book covers: you need to read the entire story in order to experience them,” she explained.

Inspired by nature and museums, her work has a nostalgic feel to it that draws you in. She mainly illustrates on her computer but also loves traditional painting with gouache and acrylics.

And all her hard work paid off, with clients including Urban Outfitters, and features on Cosmopolitan and Goop.

Take a look.