Amazing Handcuts From a Single Sheet of Paper

    Image via bearfollowscat/Instagram

    Pippa Dyrlaga, a British paper-cutting artist, has practiced her craft for more than one decade and can now be considered a master in the field. This talented artist creates intricate illustrations, which are nature inspired. They are hand cut from a single piece of white paper.

    The artist believes that there are a few things that are more ordinary than a blank sheet of paper. However, this blank sheet has a lot of possibilities to offer.

    All her designs are complex and show how skilled the artist is. She also has admirable patience along with a steady hand. She creates these masterpieces when her natural surroundings inspire her. Her hometown is the English countryside, and this makes it a perfect spot for inspiration. She creates leaves, flowers, as well as patterned serpents with feathered birds. No matter the subject of her drawing, the skilled artist manages to wow her viewers and others alike. The leaf and petal is thinly sliced, and they are rendered from so many textural lines

    See some of her work below: