The Beauty of the Cosmos Captured in Watercolors

Image via amandacmarino/Instagram

Brazilian artist, Amanda C. Marino creates stunning watercolor paintings of the heavenly bodies. She was inspired by the wonders of the sky and paints the stars, the moon and other planets in the solar system.

Amanda renders the swirling galaxies in delicate watercolor washes. It is dappled in white pigment. The alien worlds, as well as lunar craters, are detailed with cosmic hues.

Most of the realistic paintings of this artist feature precision painted galaxies. They highlight the gassy or rocky surfaces. Other more strange works explore the similarities between the sea and space. The majestic whales are shown gliding through the glittering celestial skies while the jellyfish float around in deep space.

The paintings always remove the lines between unreal and real, the unknown and known says Amanda. She believes in art that has a story to tell and plans to share her story through her art.

Here are some of her work below: