Ana Hard is All About the Details

The devil might be in the small details, but so is the Barcelona-based Ana Hard, a creative designer for whom no detail is too small to count.

Ana Hard (real name Ana San José) made her first steps in the world of fashion working with industry giants such as H&M, Pandora and Vogue, and it shows. Her illustrations are vibrant, stylish and impeccable. 

Her work is also distinguished by a theme of #GirlPower that runs through many of her creations. Her female models—elegant, daring and assertive—are like a modern-day ‘20s Flappers.

“I am a dreamer, there is no denying it,” she writes on her webpage. “I think one of the reasons why I love Creative Design is because I can see a vision for the future. I have always seen myself as a graphic communicator who adores to connect with the public, bringing them the joy of transforming big ideas into unforgettable images.” 

So what does the future hold for Ana Hard? 

“I always feel very ambitious for a fresh challenge and the possibility of progression, to enable me to fulfill my career goals and build upon my successes.”

Enjoy more of Ana Hard’s illustrations from her Instagram page below, and visit her website to learn more about this promising designer!