Little Free Libraries Are Popping Up Everywhere, Turning Kids Into Readers!

Promoting a sense of community, making your neighborhood look pretty, and helping kids discover the joys of reading: Little Free Library shows that a grassroots movement and a dream can really make a huge difference for the better!

Little Free Library is a non-profit organization that spans over 90,000 registered little libraries spread over more than 90 countries. The idea is as simple as it is beautiful: Small, cleverly-shaped libraries are placed in neighborhoods, accessible to all, where passersby can either pick a book of their liking or leave one for others.

Margret Aldrich, head of media and programming at Little Free Library, gave an interview to where she explained her vision for the movement:

“We’ve found that within different communities, a Little Free Library can mean different things,” she said. “If we’re talking about lower-income communities, a Little Free Library can mean more access to books.

“We want kids to have access to books all the time. And for kids who don’t necessarily have a lot of books at home, having a Little Free Library at school can be really meaningful.”

And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to live on a street with one of those cuties? 

If you want to start a Free Little Library in your neighborhood, go ahead and register!