Andrius Banelis’ Illustrators Make For a Stunning Statement

Illustrator and graphic designer Andrius Banelis has a way of translating complex ideas into neatly organized designs. His illustrations – bold, graphic, and zesty – rely on a limited color palette, making for a very coherent statement. It’s the kind of art that’s ideally printed as a poster, preferably hanging in our living room.

“Everything starts with paper and pencil,” Banelis explained, talking about his creative process with Inky Goodness. “Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of working digitally; I prefer to use traditional techniques. I think it helps me add and welcome diversity to my everyday creative routine. It can be really tiring, staring at the computer screen every day for hours on end. There are disadvantages and advantages, so it’s a compromise between them.”

Originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, Banelis was drawn to art from a young age, but admits to being shy when it came to sharing his own art with others. “Then, when I was around 13 / 14 years old – by sheer luck – my mother’s friend, who is an artist, saw some of my drawings,” he recalled. “Soon after that, she literally drove me to the art school in Vilnius, and helped me get accepted onto a course. I spent around 3 years there. It was a really inspirational time and experience…that’s where everything began.”

Follow his artistic journey through Instagram.