Lucy Poskitt’s Textile Art is Inspired by Memories and Landscapes

When it comes to weaving, Lucy Poskitt is the master. Walking the line between traditional image-based tapestry and yardage weaving, her textile art has been exhibited and collected internationally, attracting a small fanbase. Based in Canada, Poskitt also teaches her methods to others, organizing workshops across the country.

Her approach to textile is very much experimental, allowing the threads to guide her through her work. “Very rarely do I use a sketchbook, although I often wish it was part of my routine,” she shared in an interview with Textile Artist.

“For prep work, I’ll often start with a simple image in my mind or a photograph which then leads me to a palette. I’ll also do some random shape collages if I’m feeling very stuck for inspiration, basically just shuffling roughly cut scraps of colored paper around on a black background until I come up with a sequence that ‘works’. I also collect different textures, rug and fabric samples, photographs of bark and moss, different yarns… all which inspire and inform a piece.”

Having studied within the Interdisciplinary Program of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University and the New York Studio Program, she focused on several disciplines: weaving, art history, printmaking, and installation art – all of which can be found in her work today.

“I’m always inspired by my surrounding landscapes,” she said. “I feel very fortunate to have lived all across this huge country, literally from coast to coast and in between, and I still draw inspiration from my memories of these places.”

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