Angelica Lena’s Digital Illustrations Give Us Life

Angelica Lena’s digital illustrations are bold, vibrant, and playful. Working mainly on digital platforms, she relies on Photoshop to bring that extra oomph to her illustrations. “I love the freedom working digitally has,” she told Inky Goodness. “It gives you the chance to make more mistakes, and work faster. And the more mistakes you make, the more you learn.” 

Each illustration begins with a hand sketch, before being copied digitally. “Once in a while I do feel the need to go back to analog,” she admits. “I paint with very diluted acrylic and watercolors. But this is mainly for pleasure when I need to chill and feel free from cables and plugs.”

Inspired by cinema, her compositions rely on cinematic shots. She also enjoys painting over footage (a technique known as rotoscoping). “It’s fascinating because it has this dreamy vibe of real and unreal,” she says. “It intrigued me the first time I saw it.”

Splitting her time between London and Barcelona, Lena works as both illustrator and 2D animator. Her talent allows her to take part in various projects, anything from commercials, opening titles, and short films to illustrations for independent magazines; and with selected clients that include BBC Ideas, Tate Britain, Cambridge University,  and Siemens.

Check out some of her eye-popping illustrations in the gallery below.