How Can Everyday Items be So Much Fun to Look at?

Sanny Van Loon of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is a freelance illustrator with a unique touch and style. Her Instagram account is brimming with minimalistic pastel drawings that are simply a pleasure to behold.

In an interview with Ballpitmag, Van Loon described her work as “colorful and cheerful.” She went on to say that “I mostly work by hand and I sometimes edit my illustrations digitally but I always try to give them a handmade feel.”

As for inspiration, she cited “vintage books, objects and packaging, daily life, nature, the festivals where I work, the work of other artists, museums, Pinterest, flea markets and many other things.”

There’s nothing bombastic about Van Loon’s art. Her work tends to be minimalistic and center around everyday items while applying a simple color palette. The end product, however, is uplifting in an unexpected way.

“I collect some inspirational images and make some sketches with pencil first,” she described her process. “I like to make color schemes in advance to decide what feel the illustration will get, but in the end, I never really stick to it and just improvise. After the coloring comes my favorite part: adding details until I’m completely satisfied!”

Check out some more Van Loon goodies below: