Max the Cat Receives an Honorary Degree at Vermont State University

Is there anything cats can’t do? It appears not. Just recently, one cat named Max Dow received an honorary degree as “Doctor of Litter-ature” from Vermont State University in Montpelier, Vermont.

According to Vermont Public, Max started his life as a feral cat in the town of Fair Haven. Five years ago, the cat moved to Castleton Campus alongside his human and Vermont State University student Ashley Dow.

Being an energetic and curious feline, Max started exploring the campus grounds and quickly became a favorite among students and the staff. He would pose as a model for aspiring photographers, inspect backpacks, and provide “emotional support” for nervous students. Additionally, Max occasionally took part in university tours for prospective students.

Now, Max’s hard work and dedication to Vermont State University are being rewarded in the most special way. All we can say is: “Congratulation.”

“With a resounding purr of approval from the faculty, the Board of Trustees of the Vermont State Cat-leges has bestowed upon Max Dow the prestigious title of Doctor of Litter-ature, complete with all the catnip perks, scratching post privileges, and litter box responsibilities that come with it,” said Vermont State University in a post shared on Facebook.