Anna & Piotr Angiel Are Using Embroidery to Pay Homage to Canada

Anna and Piotr Angiel are proud to call Canada their home, and they came up with a creative way to pay homage to their beautiful country. They joined forces to capture the immense natural beauty of their home country, using embroidery as their love language.

Both Anna and Piotr are talented creatives, but their project Angiel Art is truly the best of both worlds. It allowed them to blend their passions into one, with Piotr capturing the beauty of striking places around Canada before Anna translates them into embroidery pieces that seamlessly mimic the beauty of stunning landscapes that inspired them.

Anna was just a kid when she first learned how to stitch, and she re-discovered her passion during the COVID-19 pandemic. Piotr’s graphic depictions of mountains from their hikes inspired her to work on new embroideries, and her understanding of color theory and composition from working as an interior designer certainly came in handy.

Anna mostly works with embroidery floss, and most of the pieces she created alongside Piotr capture the ice-capped peaks and alpine lakes of the Canadian Rockies. The Angiels also enjoy using their art to capture other natural marvels scattered around North America, and Mount Robson, Moraine Lake, and Zion Canyon are on the long list of places that caught their eye.