Kimberley Margarita is Rocking Our World With Her Makeup Transformations

One of the best things about makeup is its incredible power of transformation, and no one knows this better than Kimberley Margarita. We’ve seen her turn into a completely different person time and time again, using her makeup collection as her weapon.

Margarita is a talented makeup artist from Canada, with over 700,000 Instagram followers under her belt and almost 200,000 more on TikTok. Her makeup transformations often attracted millions of views, and it’s not difficult to see why they’re so popular.

Margarita is a seasoned makeup artist by social media standards, and she’s been honing her skills and sharing them with the world for years. She first got her five minutes of fame in 2017, when her series of makeup looks inspired by Lush bath bombs became a viral sensation, introducing many people to her special set of skills.

As years went by, Margarita’s style kept evolving, and we’ve watched her get creative with makeup time and time again. Her looks are often inspired by pop culture, and she combines makeup with wigs so she can completely transform into popular characters from our favorite movies.

Margarita collaborated with many brands over the years, including Disney and Warner Bros, and eventually started her own brand of fake lashes called Go Lash Yourself.