Artist Blends Animals With Surreal Landscapes

Image via mirekis7/Instagram

Is Mirek is a Polish artist who specializes in dark surreal photography. With the rise of digital art today, Photoshop is a great tool to experiment with surrealism.

Using his 10 years of experience with the software, Mirek creates one-of-a-kind images where landscapes are breathtaking, gloomy, beautiful and unique at the same time.

His methods of photomontage are all his invention and his inspiration comes from everywhere, including from other surrealist works but he tries to concentrate on his own style. “Just do not look at others, create what we have in our hearts, each heart beats with its rhythm and that makes us unique,” he told Launch Dsigns.

According to Mirek, the process begins with the perfect location, saying, “I start with the choice of location, I am looking for the best example of a mountain landscape, then I define the atmosphere of work and I choose photos in a similar climate. I check various configurations and combinations of these photos and choose the best, the vision itself is created in the course and usually significantly deviates from the initial idea. I usually use my own photos for manipulation, but I use also stock photos. It makes work easier so I also use them.”