This Artist Uses Bicycle Chains to Creates Life-Size Sculptures

Image via youngdeok_seo/Instagram

Young-Deok Seo is a talented artist from South Korea who uses bicycle chain links to create incredible sculptures of human forms and faces.

Fragmentation is the key factor in Seo’s chain sculptures, and the metal links connected each figure with small holes that allows light to pass through. His latest works are intended to question the industrialization of labor, which is common in our modern world today.

“We are interlocked and running like parts of a giant machine,” the artist writes on his website. “Just as components are, we hang in there the day after day. And we are not allowed to be a protagonist of even our own life. The chains in my work mean fetters. The fetters are all about our contemporaries’ complicated, forced relationships and cravings for materials.” Seo hopes that his work can console those who are greatly affected by industrialization.