Artist Creates Amusing Comics About Life with Her Boyfriend and Cats

Thanks to their unpredictable nature, cats are always great inspirations for some amusing content. Artist Rebecca Rose knows it best, considering she has four cats living with her and her boyfriend, Matt. This is why she decided to turn their everyday mishaps, funny situations, and cute moments into a series of comics.

Rose’s comics are full of charming drawings and humorous stories about her and Matt’s shared love for gaming, passion projects, and all the ways their cats make their life more exciting and better.

While Rose and Matt have prominent roles, it’s her cats—Ted, Butters, Nemo, and Lil D (Dolores)—that are the stars of the show. They get in all sorts of funny situations that highlight their quirky and unique personalities.

Ted is described as a feline who has an interest in isolation and authority while enjoying things that are not socks. On the other hand, Butters is interested in sports, food, and Ted. Nemo likes attention and “flopping over,” while Dolores likes to play and be around her owner.

If you want to enjoy more of these amusing comics and see funny situations from the life of Rose, Matt, and their cats, continue scrolling below.