Sachin Sanghe Carves Chalk Into Impressive Sculptures

Sachin Sanghe is a software engineer from Bangalore, India, who has a unique hobby. When he manages to get some free time from his daily job, Sanghe takes a dissection needle, and carves chalk into impressive sculptures of buildings, world-famous monuments, and pop culture characters.

Sanghe originally started carving chalk as a way to pass the time and satisfy his artistic impulse. He would make simple shapes or carve friends’ names as gifts. But after a while, he wanted to challenge himself with a more complex project that included craving human faces or making sculptures by combining several chalks.

Through the years, Sanghe became so skillful at chalk carving that he could capture the Statue of Liberty or Tom and Jerry in the slightest of details.

What makes Sanghe’s works even more impressive is that he doesn’t use any special tools like magnifying glasses. He does it all with the naked eye, even if it takes him between six and eight hours to finish a single piece. And it appears that he never has a problem with finding inspiration.

“I’m self-inspired,” he shared in a recent interview. “My last artwork will inspire me to do my next with much more precision and perfection.”

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