Artist Creates Inspiring Street Art That Interacts With The Surroundings

Jamie Paul Scanlon is a street artist who creates thought-provoking and witty works of art inspired by pop culture characters. His graffiti is now taking over public space all over England and Norway and putting a smile on people’s faces.

The thing that makes Scanlon’s work so unique is that his graffiti is always inspired by the chosen location, and planned to the very last detail in order to interact with its surroundings.

Even though he showed immense talent from an early age, it’s interesting that Scanlon started painting in his thirties. After more than ten years of struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, Scanlon decided to change his life when he visited the Banksy Exhibition in Bristol in 2009.

“It was a life-changing moment that day, I was blown away at how full-size works could be applied so fast and the buzz the place gave off. It was definitely Banksy’s best work—it made me realize how I’d thrown away my own life and what a disgrace I’d become over the years,” the artist told Bored Panda.

Even though there were months of treatments and learning ahead of him, Scanlon managed to turn his life around and get recognition for his work and now his art is inspiring thousands of people.