Famous Baker Goes Out Against Influencers Requests

Reshmi Bennett is a well-known name in the baking industry, however, being a talented and successful cake-maker brings certain inconveniences as well. Like, for example, receiving hundreds of messages from influencers, celebrities, and brands requesting cakes in exchange for free promotion.

“I would ‘thank you for reaching out’ but I won’t, because I’m not thankful for your ‘opportunity’ to work for free,” Bennett explained and added that these messages aren’t welcome and are just clogging up her DMs and inbox.

Her London-based Anges de Sucre isn’t an ordinary patisserie, on the contrary, it is an award-winning family-run business. During her studies, Bennett learned from the best; she even worked in Paris under Michelin starred chefs, so her hand-made products are splendor and expensive to produce.

Take a look at her Instagram account and tell us your thoughts about Bennet’s reaction? Do you agree with her opinion, or you think she reacted furiously?