This Artist Creates Portraits That Will Make You Dizzy

Image via alexgarantart/Instagram

Alex Garant, a pioneer of Contemporary Figurative Op Art, studied visual arts at Notre-Dame–De-Foy College in Quebec City. She decided to focus her passion for Arts after she suffered from a heart attack in 2012.

She started making analog portraits with an optical illusion twist and she was dubbed as “Queen of Double Eyes” because of her dizzy artworks. She wants people to feel something when looking into her art, like having a different experience other than just looking at “pretty art.”

According to Garant, “Weird is good. Strange is beautiful. Uneasiness is captivating.”

Check out her bizarre paintings below.

I think I’m almost done this one… did you guys enjoy more progress pictures ?

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Moving on to the background…

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New art! In progress… muse : @boredstifff

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