This Photographer Captures The Best Street Shots

Image via paubuscato/Instagram

Pau Buscató is a Spanish street photographer currently based in Oslo, Norway. He uses his childlike imagination to capture some of the best shots on the streets of various places around the world.

“It’s a game for me, and the city is my playground. As we grow into adulthood we tend to lose our sense of play. We build walls to appear stronger, more serious, more adult; and so we leave behind that part of us that made us kids, the part that turned our backyard into wonderland and that tree into a fortress. And that ability to fantasize and see the ordinary through a child’s eyes is an essential part of my work,” he explained.

Buscató’s photos were taken during his travels to UK, USA, India, and other countries. But his favorite cities are London and NYC.

He earned some awards at renowned international Street Photography festivals and his images were exhibited around the world including the “100 Great Street Photographs” by famous photographer David Gibson, according to his official website.