Artist Illustrates Herself as a Potato to Portray Daily Struggles

Everyone love relatable comics. It brings our imagination to life. All the thing you imagined as kids in a comic. Even our personal experiences fit well into this context as well. This artist does all of this with a twist; she presents herself as a potato.

Kat is a talented artist who creates comics around her everyday life. She does not present the comics as a regular girl but as a potato. This makes it even funnier.

She started creating these hilarious comics more than a year ago after the transformation into a potato. Kat wants to share the stories with other individuals who may feel like potatoes as well. Lots of people can relate to the comics, and this reflects in her large follower count on Instagram. It proves that lots of us feel like potatoes.

Below are some of the potato girl comics, scroll to see some of them.