Artist Makes Comics About a Melting Ice Cube

The CubeMelt comic is the brainchild of an artist called Peng Ven Wong, and is a story about a living ice cube with a wholethearted, ‘can-do’ attitude that brings positivity to the world.

“The philosophy of CubeMelt is ‘life is short’. It begets the question of how we are spending each day of our lives,” the artist reveals. “He’s excited to get out of his ice tray every day. Problem is, he starts melting the moment he’s out of the freezer, so lengthy tasks are the literal bane of his existence. The spot of water he’s reduced to invokes laughter, pity, wonder and unexpected blessings to those around him.”

Wong seeks inspiration from pop culture, current affairs and his family; wife and baby girl, and shares it on his Instagram profile where he gained over 166k followers.

Scroll down and check out the cute comics below.