This Woman Catches Her Cat Stealing the Neighbor’s Newspaper

One day, Jade Jefferies from Wellington, New Zealand, started receiving newspapers that she didn’t subscribe to. She said that these papers had been delivered at least several times a week and she wonders who the mysterious paperboy might be.

When she noticed little teeth marks on papers, she suspected Max might be the culprit. Max is a 10-year-old cat from Wainuiomata, New Zealand.

“We got him from a pet shop that closed down, but the kittens were found in a boot so when we got him he was pretty much wild,” Jefferies told Newshub. “I spent a good two weeks in my bedroom sitting with him, trying to get him used to people and stuff ’cause he was pretty much feral.”

One Tuesday, while she was at home with her son, they finally caught Max walking from their neighbor’s property with a newspaper in his mouth. Jefferies shared the video of Max caught “red pawed” on Facebook and it quickly went viral. Watch the clip below.