Artist Makes Fabulous Chandelier Out of Soda Can Tabs

    Image via Artistry and Upcycling by Emily Seilhamer/Facebook

    “I create by using unconventional materials in my art,” Emily Seilhamer wrote on her Facebook page.

    Her passions in life are painting, upcycling, sewing and crafting. Her first painting was with Bob Ross while watching the Joy of Painting at 7 years old. She’s a self-taught artist with an Associates Degree in Entrepreneurship who wants to have her own business someday. Now, she owns an art-based service business called Connecting in Color, where she helps others “connect” and “grow” as artists.

    Next to painting, Seilhamer also loves recycling and finding beauty in things that people usually throw away. She creates “value” from these objects – this is a type of recycling called upcycling or better known as creative reuse, where you turn discarded items into something functional. Recently, she created a chandelier made out of thousand upcycled can tabs.

    “Can tabs are shiny and simple enough as a building material. I’ve also always wanted a chandelier, however looking at the price tags of those big, sparkly ones made the decision easy to make one from can tabs instead!” she writes on her blog.

    She said that making this chandelier takes a lot of patience but the outcome is very worth it. Take a look at her amazing creation below.