Bright Up Your Day with Sophie Melissa’s Prints

The easiest way to light up your boring workspace? Hang a colorful poster! And boy, have we got the thing for you, with Sophie Melissa’s graphic-artworks that call to mind vintage art deco posters, but with a modern twist.

“I’d describe my style as graphic, colorful, and bold,” she shared with Ape on the Moon. “I take a lot of inspiration from the composition and layout of art deco posters from the 1930s, which I studied in my first few years at Falmouth.”

Based in London, UK, the Award-winning illustrator has worked for giants such as VOGUE, Fujitsu, WIRED, and Tesco Magazine. “I start each project with research, then I draw out ideas before developing my final sketch,” she explained. “I then spend time working with this in Photoshop adding color, texture, and extra elements.”

“I love working digitally but also love the imperfect nature of hand-drawn work. I combine both of them by starting each illustration as a pencil drawing and, once created digitally, I overlay traditional textures I’ve made through mono printing.”

The only question left is: which of her prints would you hang on your wall?