Artist Makes Remarkable Photo Manipulations of Huge Creatures Ruling St. Petersburg

Vadim Solovyov is a St. Petersburg-based art director at an advertising agency who loves to “play” with Photoshop. At the beginning of 2019 decided he decided he would transform his city into a sci-fi movie.

On his Instagram profile called solovyewadim, where he has gathered over 2.5 thousand followers, Solovyov shares images of humongous dandelions, ginormous lizards, huge penguins, and giant insects.

“I started [an Instagram account] where I live in a parallel reality, full of strange technologies and even stranger creatures,” Solovyov shared on Russia Beyond. “I start discussions about imaginary problems in the city, and talk about the habits of the monsters living there.”

Scroll down and take a look at his creations. Which one is your favorite? Can you imagine living in a world where giant creatures ruled the streets of your home city?

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Знаменитая гигантская гм-горилла Эдуард с его одноименной шоу-программой «Блистательный Эдуард» приехал в Петербург чтобы дать несколько своих концертов в Цирке на Фонтанке. К сожалению, организаторы не приняли во внимание размеры Эдуарда, предложив ему для выступлений эту площадку. Теперь гм-горилла, в ожидании обратного рейса, скучает на крыше цирка, изредка делая замечания водителям, не соблюдающим правила парковки. А ведь я взял два билета на его шоу 🙁 ____ The famous giant GM gorilla Eduard with his eponymous show program "Eduard The Brilliant" came to St. Petersburg to give several concerts at the circus on Fontanka. Unfortunately, the organizers did not take into account the size of Eduard, offering him this place for performances. Now the GM gorilla, waiting for the return flight, gets bored on the roof of the circus, occasionally making remarks to drivers who do not comply with Parking rules. In fact, I took two tickets to his show 🙁 . #арт #фотошоп #art #photoshop #edit #вадимсоловьев

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