Artist Paints Enchanting Portraits of Women

Artist and fashion designer Rhea Ornias depicts portraits of poetic women using beautiful soft pastel colors. Their refined hands and stunning eyes make the portraits unique. The Filipino-born, Australia-based artist has been drawn into art since she was a little girl. At the age of three, she saw her aunt painting a teardrop for her visual class.

“That got me curious on how to give life to a handwork through brush and oil colour,” the artist told in an interview for I Love Illustration. “From then on, I fell in love with the arts especially painting. Since the age of 8, I’ve been attending art classes under prime artists during summer. In the early stage, I was drawn to realism.”

Ornias starts her images with a pencil sketch and finishes them using watercolor gouache. She also highlights that she focuses on the eyes the most.

“I am an eye lover and truly believe it is the window to the soul. It is my joy if someone will appreciate how I put extra love and time on the eyes.”

If you want to see her beautiful artwork, check out the gallery below.