Student Illustrates Pink Floyd Album Covers Using Pen and Ink

Florian Popescu is a huge Pink Floyd fan. Although he discovered them recently, he became addicted to their music and spent his days enjoying their albums. However, when his school finals came along, he made the decision to involve his favorite music band into his project.

“I came up with an identity for an anniversary edition of 50 years for my favorite music band, Pink Floyd, and a cohesive system used across 8 vinyl albums,” Popescu shared on Bored Panda. “Each album cover design features pen and ink illustrations drawn in my style, with original concepts for every LP”.

The Timisoara, Romania-based student creates other projects as well, like for example book illustrations, album covers, packaging designs, logo designs, posters, cards, etc.

“Mainly, I work traditionally in pen and ink on paper because I love the feeling of authenticity and craftsmanship a hand-drawn illustration can convey,” he added. “I draw inspiration from a variety of vintage sources and old illustrations with a high level of detail, often liking to add some retro effects to my work.”

Scroll down and check out the album covers or have a look at his Instagram account for more.