Artist Paints Pop Culture Trends Onto T-Shirts

Daria Kurtulmus is a Turkish artist who uses clothing as her canvas. She seeks inspiration for her designs from current trends like music videos, movies, celebrities, and Instagram. She paints on t-shirts, hoodies, and button-up shirts.

โ€œOne day I just discovered that by using fabric paints you can create really unique clothing. โ€œAnd since that day I’ve created many beautiful and one of a kind designs. I try to create a new Art Fashion and I want to inspire other artists to start painting on clothes. I use fabric paints for painting, so clothes I create are not only unique and eye-catching but wearable and washable as well.โ€

The artist shares her work on her YouTube and Instagram profile where she has already attracted over seven thousand followers. On her social media Kurtulmus shares the whole process of making her designs. She also has an Etsy store where you can purchase her creations.

Would you wear her designs?

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