Chester Holme’s Illustrations Are Our Idea of a Good Time

Chester Holme’s cartoon-like illustrations are very much endearing. Focused mainly on sports, his drawings are full of expressive characters with a humorist edge to them.

“I am pretty obsessed with sport, but the vast majority of football stuff I’ve made in particular has been commissioned,” explained Holme in an interview with wertn. “I do think that despite not necessarily feeling a compulsion to make work about it, I’m able to draw on my experiences as a fan which hopefully translates into a nice energy in those pieces. I’d like to think that sports fans who come across those bits of my work get the sense that they were made with an insider perspective.”

Based in southeast London, Holme has collaborated with giants like Nike, House of Vans, and Twitter, to name a few. “I’m really prone to over-drawing — putting too much down on the page and drowning the image in visual noise, and so I think using a single thick line-weight came about as a way of deliberately restricting the amount of marks I could make,” he admitted. “It forces me to be smarter and more deliberate in how I draw and I’ve come to really enjoy the more rigorous process it requires.”

Take a look at some of his cheeky illustrations and make sure to follow him on Instagram for more.

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