Artist Re-Uses Burnt Out Light Bulbs Transforming Them Into Halloween Decor

    David Irvine, and artist and crafter from Toronto, Canada uses recycled or reclaimed materials to create his artworks. Getting ready for Halloween, the artist made a series of spooky decorations on salvaged burnt out light bulbs.

    “Generally, I like creating works of art that are creepy or edgy since I have a passion for scary stuff and Halloween,” the artist shared on his Etsy store. “I do a lot of artworks that would be described as low brow contemporary but have worked on many commissioned pieces that were more traditional in nature.”

    Other than doing his arts and crafts, Irvine also enjoys gardening, scary movies and anything Halloween related. He also loves to sip fancy cocktails and tell the same 3-4 bad jokes to his ‘very patient and tolerant wife”.

    If you are interested to see his work, check out his Facebook page where he shares images of his creations. He also has an Etsy store where you can buy his decorated light bulbs.