Illustrator Inserts Himself Into Disney Movie Scenes

Luigi ‘Kemo’ Volo, better known as kemslife89 on Instagram, is an Italian illustrator who has been loving Disney movies his entire life. For quite some time, the artist has been creating remarkable Disney character-inspired art which gained him his internet fame.

In this article, we present to you the Naples-based Volo’s project where he inserted himself into the images. He combines his illustrations and Photoshop skills and creates hilarious photos. Except for being passionate about Disney, the artist also adores drawing and illustrating.

From having a stroll with Lilo and Stich and giving Ariel her bra back, to floating through the sky with Carl, Russell, and Dug from Up, he makes his dreams come true.

If you are interested to see his creations, check out his social media accounts, Instagram and Facebook where he shares all of his adorable photos.