Artist Recreates Iconic Simpsons Scenes In Her Embroideries

Mexican artist, Gabriela Martinez, creates beautiful embroideries that are all inspired by our all-time favorite TV show, The Simpsons. Martinez took to the interesting art form to recreate some of her favorite scenes from the iconic series.

“I make embroideries with The Simpsons since 2015. They’re all handmade and lately, I’ve been using felt which gives them a beautiful background color that matches perfectly with the amazing color palette that The Simpsons has to offer,” she wrote on Bored Panda.

Martinez spends many hours working on each of her vibrant embroideries, but all this effort pays off in the end. “It takes me between 10-30 hours to make each of these embroideries but they’re all fun to make. Whenever I make them, I remember the scenes from my favorite cartoon,” she shared.

More than 26 thousand people follow her on Instagram, where she’s known as bazarbartiano. Her creations can also be bought in her Etsy store.

Check out these Simpsons embroideries in the photos below.