Artist Slices Vintage Cameras and Recomposes Them in Resin

Switzerland-born artist Fabian Oefner, who has presented us with several intriguing projects in the past, is now back with another unique series titled “Cut Up.” This latest projects sees the artist slices and cuts vintage cameras into pieces, and then recomposing them in resin to create an impressive art piece.

In order to create his “Cut Up” artworks, Oefner uses a “unique mix of high-end and low-end technologies.” He starts the process by cutting the cameras with an old band saw and then polishing each piece by hand. The object is then recomposed and embedded in resin using a sophisticated method which involves uses of vacuum and atmospheric pressure.

According to a statement posted on Oefner’s official website, the artist deliberately selected still and video cameras to slice apart.

“This is an allusion to his earlier photographic work, where the image made with the camera is the “art” and the camera itself is merely a tool,” says the statement. “For this series, the tool is transformed into a piece of art. It is at the same time a deconstruction of the technology of image capturing, revealing the beauty underneath the surface of these objects.”

Check out some of the Oefner’s pieces from “Cut Up” series and the process of making them below.