Follow the Pregnancy Diary of a Young Illustrator

It took Karolina Zolubak quite a while to realize her passion could turn into a full-time job. The Berlin-based illustrator originally went on a different path, earning a Master of Arts in communication and cultural studies.

“I’ve always been creative in one way or another but then… life happened,” she admitted in an interview with Strangerless. “I wanted to study something creative but was convinced that to make a living it was a much better choice to study something else, something substantial. Although surely one could argue that Cultural Science, which I chose and concluded with a Master of Arts (sic!), wasn’t the best choice for earning money either.”

“I had a wound in my heart, yet I thought I understood that adult life was not supposed to be fun,” she said. “It was just supposed to work out and therefore you needed to compromise, work and be serious. Creativity was put aside and labeled as a childish wish.”

But her so cold “childish wish” kept festering in the back of her mind, and eventually, she took that leap of faith. Now she works as an illustrator, making both editorial illustrations and personalized commissioned work.

But she’s also dedicated to her personal artistic work. In a recent illustrated series, she documented her pregnancy journey, sharing the ins and out of being a young expecting mother. Take a look at some of the illustrations she shares on Instagram: