Artist Takes Disney Villains And Make Them Look Even Scarier

Shawn Cross describes himself as a dark art artist from Ohio who has been working as an artist professionally for almost a decade. Shawn Cross is better known as the creator of the widely popular webcomics series Cyanide & Happiness. He is also the co-owner and the artist of his lifestyle brand, Any Means Necessary clothing.

“Though I’ve been known for my association with Cyanide & Happiness, in 2016 I created the mental health series, Inktober Illness, as part of the annual Inktober series which completely altered my art direction to focus more on artwork that helps create a conversation on mental health,” the artist shared on his personal website. “My art has been all over the internet and bodies of many fans and it’s still spreading.”

In one of his latest project, the artist reimagined Disney villains as the scarier version of themselves.

“Everyone roots for the good guys, never enough love for the baddies,” Cross shared on Bored Panda. “I wanted to put a little creepier spin on some classic villains and continue to scare my daughters into hopefully never making me watch another Disney film again.”

Scroll down and check out his artwork below.