Artist Turns His Breakfast Eggs Into Artworks

Image via romealone/Instagram

Who would have guessed that eggs can be such a good material for art? Many of us start the day with eggs for breakfast, but Michele Baldini sees a lot more than just eggs in her frying pan.

Every image is really well-detailed and that is the proof of Michele’s fantastic art skills. When you think about it, egg whites seem easier to shape than egg yolks, but Michele is a real pro at making shapes and artworks from all the parts of an egg.

There are so many interesting scenes and shapes which are not so easy to create when you have in mind that you need to be really quick while arranging and creating various egg–images.

On Baldini’s Instagram profile you can see some pretty fantastic pieces like The Ghostbusters’ logo, Ironman, a figure of a dancing ballerina and many others.

It’s cool to see how a talented artist can turn everything into art!