Dad Makes a Lovely Surprise For His Dinosaur-obsessed Daughter

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

It can be really funny to be a stagehand’s child if you judge by the story of 7-year-old Shelby Coram. Her father Lyle used his creativity to make a magical surprise for his daughter.

Lyle used projectors, lighting, and screens to transform the view outside Shelby’s window into a real-time Jurassic park. Little Shelby wasn’t scared by the view at all, but she was certainly surprised out of all of her possible expectations.

Shelby was impressed by the dinosaur park all around her home, with one dinosaur even appearing to interact with a ball she held in her hands.

At one moment, Shelby could feel how fearsome that Jurassic world can be as she saw a big T–Rex outside her window. She got away immediately when she saw the big predator staring at her.

All in all, Shelby was amazed as only a dinosaur-obsessed kid can be. Her dad’s effort came to approval among many people who also saw how he managed to surprise his little daughter. Before this, Lyle made a similar astonishing surprise when he remodeled Shelby’s room with a Disney princess theme.