Artist Uses Everyday Objects to Create Masterpieces

Image via redhongyi/Instagram

Hong Yi, better known as Red, is a Malaysian born artist who believes that creativity is everywhere, saying, “I hope this inspires you and makes you realize that you can get creative with anything, even with limited tools, and that like a child, you’ll see joy and fun even in ordinary, everyday items.”

She uses ordinary objects and materials for her artworks to transform our understanding of image-making, as an artist who “paints without a paintbrush.”

Currently, she’s working on her first solo exhibition while managing her design studio, Red One Studio. Check out her amazing creations below.

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FRAGRANT HARBOUR|| . . ✨✨ Inspiration behind my work (swipe to see!). ✨✨ I was inspired by contemporary artist Wu Guan Zhong's painting (second image) and architect Junya Ishigami's drawing (third image) when I created this artwork of the skyline of Hong Kong. I love the delicate and simple strokes and details in both Wu and Ishigami's works. For many years, Wu's artistic hybrid of Western modernism and traditional Chinese painting has inspired me and I've hoped to reflect that in my art. Ishigami's drawings I only recently stumbled upon when doing research on architectural drawings and I was immediately drawn to his simple, light, fantasy-like landscape drawings. I chose dried lotus flower petals for clouds and small, thin twigs as ripples to look like soft ink strokes. While I create work, I study other artists' works to observe what has worked and what has not worked for them. I ask myself why I like what I see and what in it makes me feel a certain emotion. I also make it a point to learn something from these already-made pieces and then create something original still by creating it in my own style. Lately I have been inspired to engage directly with issues of cultural identity and share about how heritage has influenced my work. . . HK Repertory Theatre (香港話劇團) is the oldest and largest professional theatre company in Hong Kong and I'm honoured to be collaborating with them this year to create visuals for their 2018 productions. My artwork will be in train stations, ferries and billboards in the coming months. If you want to see this piece in person, do visit the HK City Hall – it will be there for the next two months! ☺️ Special thanks to my teammates Lee Kah Yee, Danielle Soong and Mel Lo for working on this with me.

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