Artist Uses Her Makeup Brush to Create Magnificent Transformations

Nicky Hill is a makeup artist best-known for recreating celebrity looks and creating optical illusions. The now 27-year-old UK-based artist began her career seven years ago when she was only 20. However, she has been interested in art since she was a little girl.

Four years ago, one of her works became viral. But instead of being happy and proud, Hill was disappointed. She revealed that the biggest mistake she made was that she didn’t put a watermark onto her image.

“When I say it went viral, I mean like shared by millions of platforms globally, and it threw me off massively. I stopped believing in myself and fell off the makeup wagon for a while,” she said in an interview for Bored Panda

She also added that since then, she became more careful with social media.

Using her body as a canvas makes her feel good and is therapeutic for her. She also likes when her makeup work tricks the mind and makes people look twice.

If you browse through her Instagram gallery, you will notice amazing recreating and mind-blowing optical illusions. The more complex makeup arts took her around 12 hours, such as the Robin Williams transformation.

If you are interested in her recreations, check out the gallery below!