Self-Taught Fashion Designer Becomes Viral With Her DIY Dresses

For Sarah Hambly, it was sewing that led her to become a self-taught fashion designer. Although she has been sewing for only four years, she has already mastered the craft.

In 2020 she made 113 creations, from fluffy princess dresses to outfits inspired by the Harry Potter houses. The Rodeo, Nevada-based Hambly explains that she usually needs around a couple of days to two weeks to complete each dress. However, in the past, she also worked on pieces that took up to months to finish.

She starts her designs by searching for inspiration, and then when she figures out what her next creation will be and which material she should use, she sketches out the design. And when the dress is done, she photographs it and then rents them out for fellow photographers to use it.

“A dress can cost anywhere from $2—I made one from a shower curtain I got at a thrift store—to thousands of dollars for special dresses from fabrics like fiber optics,” Hably told in an interview for Bored Panda.

She also added that she focuses on the smallest details and that each of her creations is unique.

To see some of Hambly’s work, check out the gallery below.