Artist Works to Raise Awareness About Insect Population Decline

Recent studies have shown that 40 percent of insect species are in decline, with some of the insects most affected including bees, butterflies, moths, and beetles.

This unsettling information alarmed scientists as well as many nature lovers who are now trying to figure out why this is happening and raise awareness about this issue.

Adrienne DeLoe is one of the people who decided to use her skills and talent to help this worthy cause. DeLoe is creating insects-themed artwork in which she gives them “the defense mechanisms they so desperately need to survive the modern world”.

“It is my intention to raise awareness about the population decline that insects are currently undergoing. They are so important to our ecosystems and their decline is something that puts all of us at risk”, wrote DeLoe on Bored Panda.

Preserving nature through her art is something DeLoe is very passionate about and thousands of people on Instagram seem to have recognized that.

Scroll down to see some of her inspiring creations.