These Black and White Photographs Depict a Winter Wonderland

Swiss photographer Pierre Pellegrini created a series of incredible winter photographs through which he expresses some of the deepest emotions. To take these beautiful photos, the photographer usually travels to remote places where he spends a lot of time finding the perfect scene and moment.

His unique style can easily be recognized among many other artists: his black and white photos capture the striking contrast between the white snow and black trees.

“I’m always looking for the aesthetic sense, the beauty, the order, the elegance present in nature. As if everything were perfectly balanced, in harmony. A kind of perfection where no element prevails over the other,” said Pellegrini.

To capture these mesmerizing moments, Pellegrini uses the technique of long exposure. It’s one of his favorites and he explains why: “Thanks to this technique, the reality is partly transformed. As it is true that some elements are reproduced as such, it is also true that some, especially those who have the ability to move from one physical state to another like water and clouds, appear in a new form, detaching from visual reality.”

Take a look at his incredible winter photography.