Australian Salt Lake Turned Pink and it Looks Incredible

A salt lake at Westgate Park, in Melbourne, became an Insta-sensation after the water in the lake turned into a beautiful shade of pink! This amazing natural phenomenon happens every year due to very high salt levels in the water, high temperatures and a lack of rainfall. As a result, algae growing in the lake produces the red pigment, turning the lake into a surreal sight.

“(The) small lake that turns a deep, dark pink when algae growing in the salt crust at the bottom produces a red pigment as part of its photosynthesis process,” said Phil Pegler, Parks Victoria conservation manager.

For a moment there, you would think that the water is toxic and dangerous, but it’s actually very clear. However, the authorities advised the visitors not to come into contact with the water.

The phenomenon won’t last for long, so if you have the opportunity to visit this magical lake, grab it while it lasts.

“As the lake is currently pink, grab the kids and take them down so they can better understand and appreciate how fragile and beautiful our environment is,” Pegler said.

Take a look at some of the photos of this Mother Nature’s creation.