Artist Creates Amazing Hyperrealism Paintings

Realism drawings which sometimes are referred to as naturalism, aim at representing the reference image well, without additions to it. It is a rare form of art because not every artist can bring pictures to life in an astonishing way.

The images displayed here are those of Hermaes, as he is called on Instagram, who does realism drawings and paintings. These drawings are keenly detailed with focus on the tiniest detail that you would never notice. Their resolutions are so high that they come out clearer than many pictures.

This artist focuses mainly on makeup pictures. His art is different because he draws them without a specific picture in mind. He highlights makeup in a way that it appears surreal. You can see the contour and eyebrows properly done. Surely some users can learn more about applying makeup from his work.

Below are some of his work. What do you think about them?