Belgian Artist Paints Colorful Graffiti

Joachim is a Belgian street artist who paints colorful murals that often resemble children’s books. His style is full of colors and humor which is why many people enjoy his work.

Joachim grew up in Antwerp, where he followed the graffiti scene from a young age. As he grew up, he experimented with styles until he found his own way to express himself.

“Joachim is a young, prolific and highly talented street artist from Antwerp, Belgium,” reads his profile on I Support Street Art. “His distinctive graffiti pop-style is impossible to ignore. He is well known for his childlike spontaneity, as well as being willing to experiment with a wide range of styles.”

“Complicated compositions, and a playful use of colours, can be seen throughout the artist’s body of work.Joachim enjoys creating both street art and pieces in his own studio. He considers himself a full-time, utterly dedicated artist. With multiple street art murals to his name, sell out prints and shows across Europe, Joachim has earnt his reputation within the urban art scene.”

You can see more of Joachim’s art on his Instagram and Facebook profiles, where he shares it with tens of thousands of followers. In the meantime, scroll down for our favorite picks.